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She had no tattoos until she moved to LA. Now she has several along the inside of her fingers, and one on her arm which reads “Trust Your Struggle” in flowing, cursive script. She drove past a wall, saw those words written on it, and got the tattoo about 20 minutes later. “Every single one of my tattoos I got the day I thought of it,” she says. Except for one, the one that reads “A$AP”, presumably in homage to her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. She thought about that one. “I was reading about tattoos, cos I like to know why I do crazy things,” she muses. “And they were saying how making something a part of your body is a way for you, in your mind, to try and control something. You know what I mean? When you feel out of control?”

- Dazed, April 2012


This motto is tattooed on Iggy’s right forearm. She explained:

I got that tattoo maybe a year and a half ago now. It just means that you’ve got to kind of have faith in all the roadblocks that you come up against while you’re trying to reach your goal because there’s so many, and sometimes it just feels like it’s never-ending, and that’s how I felt when I got that tattoo.

I just felt like I wanted to pack it in and give up but you’ve just got to keep persevering and trust that all the little things are just going to make you better. And that’s what it’s for, just to remind me when I’m having a bad day, “Don’t give up!”

- Marquee, April 2012


Iggy has the “colour me free” phrase tattooed on her foot.


Iggy’s tattoo of what appears to be a flower drawing with two green leaves on her right arm.
Note: This tattoo has been replaced with tattoo number 6.


Iggy tattooed the title of her debut album on her right-hand fingers back in 2011 in Los Angeles.


Iggy got this tattoo on her left-hand fingers in late 2011. It refers to her rumored relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky, who is a part of the A$AP Mob movement. A$AP stands for “Always Strive and Prosper”. It is stylized as “LIVE. LOVE. A.$.V.P.”
Note: This tattoo has been “revised” around the Summer of 2012. The third word “A$VP” is now crossed out.


Iggy replaced her previous flower tattoo with a drawing of the face of goddess Venus, from the famous “Birth of Venus” painting. It’s an original recreation made by artist Corey Davis in Atlanta in November 2012.

Birth of Venus 2012 by @whoiscoreydavis on my arm! Thankyou <3

I love my new wifey! Her and i are the only two in this relationship. Which is a nice way to say: your stranger danger anonymous ass opinion of my body is void. Thanks!

- Instagram, November 2012

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